Garden mosaics

You’ll notice that some of our slates are rather odd shapes.  This is because we use reclaimed slates, some of which I watched fly off my roof in the gales at the beginning of the year!  We use cement mortar to grout these mosaics and add colouring and additives to maximise weather-resistance, as such these garden mosaics are frost resistant and waterproof.  In fact they actually look pretty good when wet as the slate darkens and the colours stand out better. 

We always advise people to fix their garden mosaic onto a fence or wall because we don’t want them getting blown over or rattled about by the wind.  Also, it’s best if the rainwater to runs off and doesn’t pool on the mosaic, so you can’t lay these mosaics flat.

This is not a gallery of ‘For Sale’ mosaics however please get in touch if you see something you like, here or in any of the other galleries, and we’ll do our best to make you what you’d like.


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