Polymer addiction!!!

I’m a self confessed polymer clay addict. In the last few years I’ve researched and experimented a great deal discovering the huge variety of ways you can use polymer.

Accepted some of my experiments have resulted in a yucky coloured lump. However even that can be used, scrap clay can form the inside of a bead with a thin veneer on the outside, clay is seldom thrown out.

There always seems to be something else to try. Over the next few posts I hope to write about some of the techniques .




We’re going to Belladrum!

Ok, so I’m managing about one post a month! Not great I know but I’m doing better with my other New Year’s resolution – I’m now running 7 – 8kms and I’m almost starting to enjoy it…ok that might be an exaggeration but I am feeling fairly confident about finishing in a respectable time at Balmoral in a couple of weeks.

Our recent big news is that Xenara Crafts is going to the Belladrum festival in August.  Check out all the latest details of the festival at   I am hoping to catch a bit of Frightened Rabbit’s set myself.  Mum and I have roped in my little brother and my partner to share the work of manning the stall as the trading hours are long!!  And hopefully with four of us there, we’ll all get a chance to have a nosy around.  I suspect there will be lots of good shopping opportunities, check out the vintage fleamarket organisers at

I’ll sign out now and try to be back with an update before another month has passed!  Don’t forget Mum will be at Greenheart Gallery in Ayr on Saturday 19th April (that’s the Easter weekend) in time for you to pick up a wee Easter gift for someone special.

Til next time, Lxo



I’m hopeless!

Yes I know…I’m hopeless!  I knew I’d be no good at this blogging malarkey.  However I do have a few bits of news so here goes…

  • You’ll never guess who Xenara Crafts had lunch with on Friday?! Our new accountant that’s who!  The wonderful (and rather fabulous) Carole has agreed to take us on and drag us into the 21st century by creating us our own spreadsheet and teaching us how to use it!  So we’re feeling very professional.
  • We’ve put in a few application forms so will hopefully have new dates to add to the diary…keep watching for updates.  Fingers crossed for Belladrum!  That would be pretty awesome!
  • We had a good day in Troon on Saturday, Hazel got a commission for a Native American inspired Polymer Clay choker which is coming along beautifully and we sold a few of my new wire designs including the prototype bracelet off my wrist!  Both of us left feeling quite pleased with ourselves.

Right, off to play with more wire while watching rubbish telly…ciao chicos!


Progress report

Silver and black wire form the ring base for a purple pearl and a lovely little ruby bead.

Hmmm, so I posted a link to last week’s ramble…I mean blog entry…and sure enough, my ‘reach’ dropped from my regular 100-150people right down to 29!  So it’s true, and so I’m even more determined to make an effort!!

So I’ve been making time to actually try new things.  I so often find that by the time I’ve been to work 3days, done all the housework and walked the dog that the weeks fly by and I only manage to maintain an existing range.  The urge to develop and progress is undeniable and I’ve been indulging that urge over the last few days.  Check out the latest photos on …hmmm, ok I need to play about and see if I can add photos to these posts…bear with me folks!

Seems I can insert the photos…just not got much control over where they go! Oh well, that’ll do for tonight.

Night night,


New Year, New Ideas

So it’s the 8th of January 2014 and I’ve just read a scary blog about the changes coming on Facebook.  All the work I’ve done to develop a network there seems to be heading to the dustbin…now it seems that no matter how good my photos are and how much people ‘like’ and ‘comment’, that only a tiny number of people will actually see my posts.

The advice from Social Media marketing advice websites now…develop your website/blog! And here I am, adding a belated New Year’s resolution to the list (which already contains recycle my kitchen waste i.e. use that wee green bin and run the Balmoral 10k in April): get back to using to promote, sell, chat and generally be heard.  Wish me luck!

I’m determined to try to develop this blog/website and maybe even try the Paypal buttons for a ‘Shop’ page…hmmm or chicken out and add another resolution to the list…maintain an Etsy shop!

I don’t ever seem to have enough time to do everything I want to do and as is so often the case the bits that don’t get done are often the most rewarding.  By the time I’ve done the housework (and shopping and cooking!) and been to work (thank goodness that’s only 3days a week!) I find that all my spare time goes into the actual making involved in running a craft business.  I think I need to dedicate a bit of time each day/week/whatever to being on here and posting up new photos and blog entries.

All that said, I won’t be giving up on Facebook.  It’s just a matter of developing the fall-back position in case Facebook’s money-making-mission reaches a degree that no-one sees me and my pics.

Well, first blether (sorry, blog!) finished!

Ciao chicos,

Lindsay x


We’re relaxing after GS and have no events for a few weeks but don’t forget our Polymer Clay and wire jewellery is at The Barony Centre in West Kilbride, and you can always get in touch for that special gift…I’m working on a personalised wedding slate so will post a pic to give you inspiration!

Keep an eye on the ‘Where to find us’ page as I’ll hopefully be adding a couple of new dates over the next week or so.


Gardening Scotland

My goodness, how time flies!  We’ve been mosaicing our fingers to the bone and are now looking forward to Gardening Scotland at Ingliston Highland Show Ground next weekend (1st-3rd June).  Not sure whether I’m excited or terrified but I am sure it’ll be a big step forward for Xenara.

Hopefully we’ll see some familiar faces and sell lots of garden mosaics.  Maybe see you there…


Christmas cheer

Hi guys,

Well we’ve done our last fair and thank goodness!!  It’s been a crazy couple of months.  I’ve still got this Friday (23rd) at the Wemyss Bay Station Gift Shop (come and see me!!) and then we can sit down and do some number crunching.

Got a HUGE January ‘To-do’ list and I seem to keep adding to it.  Boring but essential stuff like accountants and tax-forms at the top…then the fun stuff like building stock and trying to develop into other outlets…I’m thinking Jewellery Party Nights with lessons and shopping combined…

It’s all just bouncing around in my head at the moment and I haven’t a clue what’s going to happen but I’m really looking forward to 2012 and I hope you are too.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lindsay xoxo


Blue Mosque with Sea of Marmara behind
Blue Mosque with Sea of Marmara behind

We are back from a wonderful long weekend in Istanbul, Turkey.  What a beautiful city!  On our first day we went walking round Sultanahmet and out along the coast road towards the Bosphorus.  We saw dolphins in the Sea of Marmara before we headed round to take a trip up the Bosphorus, pretty stunning.  After our boat trip we went for a mosey round the Spice Bazaar, what a place!  Spent a few lira on cinnamon, star anise and turkish sweets.

This photo of the Blue Mosque was taken from a terrace bar where we cooled off with a beer…it doesn’t even begin to do it justice…wow!

Some images of inspiration…
Mosaic tree

Mosaic tree at the Grand Palace Mosaic MuseumTopkapi Palace tilesFlower tiles at Topkapi Palace

Stonework at Topkapi Palace

Stonework at Topkapi Palace

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Yipee! I’m now officially on the eCommerce track, got our Etsy shop set up:

and am slowly adding items.  I’ll still planning to get set up to sell directly from here, it’s on my ‘To do’ list…which is a list that never seems to get any shorter! Long may that continue.

We’ve both been crafting away and I’ll get some images of our latest work uploaded soon.

Cheers, Lindsay xo

news and informations automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travelautomotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel
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